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These rules are subject to revision.

We are a CAMPING server, not a FREESTYLE server. There are a lot of really great freestyle servers you can visit if you are looking for that style of play.

Below is a list of our server rules, if you want to play on our server, you must follow these or you will no longer be welcome.

1) No running - this is a camping server. It's ok to run to a place to hide. Do not run/trans from one place to another looking for kills, that is freestyle and not allowed here.

2) No Teaming Up - You are not allowed to coordinate or team up with another player.

3) No assaulting - DO not rush another players position to shoot them, kill from a distance. Sometimes you will enter an occupied room accidentally or spawn close to another person, the close kill mod was added to avoid close kill fighting, leave the area do not back up to get out of the no-kill zone then shoot the player or you will be kicked.

4) No spawn killing - everyone has 7 seconds of spawn protection coming into the game, use it to find a place to hide.
a) DO NOT use spawn time to sneak up behind/beside someone

b) Close kill mod added because players continually break (a). If you back up from a player to just get out of the close kill area of the mod then shoot the player you will be kicked and or banned from the server.

c) DO NOT shoot at someone while YOU are spawning, you will die.
d) DO NOT shoot at someone else who is spawning, you will die.
e) If you are spawning and you enter an occupied area/spot YOU are responsible to leave and find another spot, NO exceptions (don't, however, claim the whole area as being your spot).
f) If someone who is spawning enters an area you are in THEY must leave. LET THEM! Do not chase after them for an easy frag, let them go.

5) No camping in teleporters, elevators, or lifts - Do not even camp near them unless the teleporter, elevator, or lift leads to an area that has no other exit and even then the player is not to be spending the entire time with his crosshairs on the teleporter, elevator, or lift.

6) ALWAYS listen to ALL server Admins and speak to them respectfully. Failure to do so will result in being kicked, or even permanently banned from the server.

7) Spamming/Taunting - This is where someone continuously displays the same message or they are continuously using their voice menu to be a nuisance. This applies not only during game play but between matches too. Some people say 'nice shot', n1, ty, lol and so forth and there is no problem with this. But hearing 'yeah bitch' or 'lets' get our flag back' over and over is annoying as well as rude to many players. An occasional taunt is fine but please don't abuse it.
The only exception to spamming is when an Admin is issuing a warning for a rule violation.
These are our rules, Learn them, you are responsible for knowing them, especially now that we have made you aware of them. If they don't agree with you there are plenty of other places you can play.

8 ) No dropping trans to hunt or otherwise get a frag. This has come up many times recently and been the cause of many problems. Players that drop their trans disc to hunt will be kicked. If you want to run a few steps to get some boots or recover some health, fine. If an admin decides you are doing otherwise you will be booted. This is a camping server and we do not want that type of gameplay here.

I'm sure everyone who reads this will run into someone else who is doing one or more of the no-no's listed above. DO NOT start doing the same thing back!!! First, politely ask the player to refrain from that activity. If the player does not comply, step out of the game and put up a post in the complaint dept. Be sure to include the Date, Time, Map Name as well as the name of the player and a detailed description of the infraction.

If there still questions about certain situations, feel free to ask an Admin for answering.
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